T-Angle, a safe and secure cross-communication platform, where teens and parents are able to anonymously talk, listen and give advice about issues that matter.

T-Angler Membership

About T-Angler

— The backbone of T-Angle.org

“T-Anglers are the volunteers who work for T-Angle.org. The T-Anglers are assigned one or multiple positions based on your interests, skills and what areas you want to learn. Anyone can apply to be a part of the T-Anglers team.

Other than being volunteers, T-Anglers are also Users of T-Angle, and enjoy all the same services, such as to join forums to ask questions or help others, etc.

T-Anglers may enjoy even more benefits, but at the same time, carry more responsibilities. We highly encourage the pre-teens, teens and young adults to join T-Angle with your parents, share and work towards the same goals as “co-workers” under our unique Crosss-Mentorship Program.

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Value for Teen/Youth T-Anglers

“— Developing Youth Leaders”

* Understand your situations by understanding others

* Improve Teen-Parent communication/relationship

* Learn about real-life business operation

* Build professional work experience at a young age’

* Receive cross-mentorship

* Encourage to rotate positions to explore wider interests

* Build and enhance leadership and management skills

* Accumulate volunteer hours anytime, anywhere, even from your home

* Opportunity to achieve the President’s Volunteer Service Award

* Contribute to College Applications

* Recommendation letters for college applications, summer program applications, and job applications

* Most importantly, reward yourself with the enjoyment of helping others.

Value for Parent T-Anglers

“— Don’t Walk Behind, Walk with Your Teen/Youth T-Anglers “

* Share and work toward the same goals as your teenagers (like “coworkers”)

* Provide cross-mentorship to other teen/youth T-Anglers, so to better understand yours

* Better understand your own teen/parent conflicts by understanding and helping others.

* Accumulate volunteer hours with your teens

* Participate in President’s Volunteer Service Award for yourself, and as a teen-parent team

* Add value to your teens’ personal growth and College Applications

* Allow yourself to take a promotion that you haven’t received yet at your job

* Contribute to the communities along with your own personal growth as a parent

* Be part of a meaningful MISSION: the journey of T-Angle.org

Responsibilities of T-Anglers

“— Help Yourself by Helping Others”

* Do your best to learn and improve on the skills required for your position(s)

* Work diligently to fulfill your roles and tasks on time with quality

* As T-Angle content contributors:

>. Take trainings

>. Monitor forums on a daily basis

>. Respond to both teens’ and parents’ inquiries

* Only specifically trained T-Anglers should engage with Live Chat

> Based on scheduled shifts

> Parents have the responsibility to mentor teen/youth T-Anglers

> Teen/youth T-Anglers should contribute their creativity, ideas, and opinions to parent T-Anglers

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If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us at info@t-angle.org.