T-Angle, a safe and secure cross-communication platform, where teens and parents are able to anonymously talk, listen and give advice about issues that matter.



— It Takes a Community to Build T-Angle to Serve Our Communities.
T-Angle is designed to connect all the factors together to shape the mental health of young people, parents and families. Without your generous contributions/donations, we will not be able to build T-Angle.org to connect individuals, families, the community, the environment and society.

Purposes of the Fundraising

  • To fund the continuation of the website development
  • To fund the purchases and right-to-use of online applications
  • To fund the hosting of the website including cloud data storage
  • To fund the audio and video production of podcasts at T-Angle.org
  • To fund the design and promotion of T-Angle.org’s brand & image
  • To fund the awareness promotion of T-Angle.org, so it will reach out to and benefit more teens and parents after its launch.
  • To fund the programs and events of Acts of Kindness
  • Etc.

T-Angle.org is solely operated by GiftChain Foundation Inc., a registered non-profit organization. Your contribution/donation is fully tax deductible.

It takes a community to build T-Angle.org to serve our communities. T-Angle.org needs your help and support. Any amount of donations, no matter how big or how small, will always be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Contribution / Donation

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Contribution/Donation Payable to : Gift Chain Foundation Inc.
Mailing Address. : 2002 Contrada Ct, Ste #1, Dublin, CA94568
Contact Person. : Ian Ma, Sa Zhang
Contact Email : info@t-angle.org
Contact Phone # : (650) 260-3839
Payment Methods:
> Please mail to: 2002 Contrada Ct, Ste #1, Dublin, CA94568
> Please write down DONATION under the "For" column
* Your contribution / donation is fully tax deductible
* A receipt will be emailed / mailed to you with our 501(c)(3) Tax I.D.
T-Angle.org's volunteer team and the communities thank you for your generous help and support!
If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us at info@t-angle.org.