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Cross-Mentorship For T-Angler

Cross-Mentorship Program

— A New Way to Cultivate Teen/Parent Relationship
For T-Angle’s behind-the-scenes operation, a dual organizational structure is in place for teenagers to experience the real world work experience having mentorship from parents, adult volunteers, professionals and advisors with expertise. Each parent volunteer is assigned to mentor other teens who are not their own. This real working environment simulation will ensure equal & fair learning opportunities while positively and productively escape the parent-teen conflict simultaneously. This structure provides an unique, and fresh feeling of co-workership between teens and their parents, which they may never experience elsewhere! The Cross-Mentorship program allows both teens and parents to grow together in a mentally happier and healthier way.

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Through the Cross-Mentorship Program, teens/youths will:

* Avoid one more avenue to be “nagged” by your parents

* Better understand your own parents’ thoughts and behaviors through being mentored by and working with other parents or adults

* Better understand your own teen/parent conficts through understanding other parents’ perspectives

* Better opportunities to learn and improve your knowledge and skills in the areas you are interested under the mentorshop from other parents/adults with the expertise

Through the Cross-Mentorship Program, parents will:

* Better understand your teens/youths’ thoughts and behaviors through mentoring and working with other teens/youths

* Better understand your teens/youths’s strength and shortage through the comparision with other teens/youths you’ve been mentoring for

* Better understand your own parent/teen conficts through understanding other teens/youths’ perspectives.

* Better opportunities to practice positive encouragement and motivation through mentoring other teens/youths, so to apply the same positve energy to your own teens/youths.

* Most importantly, reward yourself with the enjoyment of helping other teens/youths

T-Angle Dual Structure Illustration for Cross-Mentorship

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If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us at info@t-angle.org.