T-Angle, a safe and secure cross-communication platform, where teens and parents are able to anonymously talk, listen and give advice about issues that matter.

About T-Angle

Our Mission

T-angle is committed to fostering the mental health and well-being of every family member by providing a cross-communication platform for teens and parents to help each other understand different perspectives and to resolve conflicts.

Why T-Angle

In today’s world, teenagers are overwhelmed with pressure from academics, parental expectations, peer pressure, technology distractions, self-identity and esteem issues, planning their future, college applications, and so much more. These pressures contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety, culminating in mental health problems. These issues have been noticed by us, teenagers as well as the rest of society. Professionals, educators, schools, and parents have tried to support and understand teenagers, however, many teenagers find it difficult to openly communicate with their parents, leading to even more conflict and damage in their relationship. At the same time, many parents build up large levels of stress and anxiety from their teenagers’ resistance. In order to help the teenagers, we must include the parents as part of the solution. 

Founded in 2021 by two teenage sisters, with the involvement of a group of teenagers, T-Angle is a community-based nonprofit social communication platform dedicated to teens and parents who are looking to improve their parent-teen relationships and seeking solutions to their conflicts.  The targeted users of T-Angle are pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, and parents.

T-Angle’s unique cross-communication and cross-mentorship will help to fulfill its mission of promoting mental health and wellbeing of teens and parents by melting down the communication barriers in between. 

T-Angle is not a magic pill, but a bridge that connects the minds and hearts of teenagers and parents.


T-angle is not only a safe & secure social communication platform where teens can talk to teens, parents can talk to parents, but it is also a platform that enables cross-communication, where teens can talk to other parents, and parents can talk to other teens. It will effectively help them to better understand their own parents’ or teens’ perspectives in their own parent-teen conflicts.


For the behind-the-scenes operation, a dual organizational structure is in place for teenagers to experience the real world work experience having mentorship from parents, adult volunteers, professionals and advisors with expertise.   Each parent volunteer is assigned to mentor other teens who are not their own. This real working environment simulation will ensure equal & fair learning opportunities while positively and productively escape the parent-teen conflict simultaneously. This structure provides a unique, and fresh feeling of co-workership between teens and their parents, which they may never experience elsewhere! The Cross-Mentorship program allows both teens and parents to grow together in a mentally happier and healthier way.